Pulitzer Prize Photos

Pulitzer Prize Photos

Berlin Wall

  The Berlin Wall was my favorite exhibit because I liked the background of the wall. My grandpa is German and going home asking him about the wall, I gained much more information about the wall. The wall was colorful and filled with graffiti. 



Hurricane Katrina 

   If I were to take this photo, Im not sure how I would control my emotions while observing all the suffering people. They have lost homes, possessions and even family members. One of the biggest struggles of being a journalist would be having that terrifying image in your head and remembering the people who have experienced this much loss and pain. If there is a reward, which is probably rare, is being able to tell how it felt to really be there. Being at the tragic disaster would be good and bad in ways.

World Trade Center Attack

    This picture was the second plan hitting the world trade center. If I were to take this picture, again, Im not sure how I would keep myself together. Knowing something so horrible happened to such innocent people is so unsettling. The struggle would be watching the burning building burn and fall to pieces while there are so many workers that woke up thinking it was going to be a normal day at work. Honestly, in this case, I dont think that there was a plus or a benefit of being in New York, taking this picture.  

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