Last project

For this project we had to show how we growed as a photographer.So we had to show what a bad picture looks like and what a good picture looks like. This semester I’ve grown a lot as a photographer. My thoughts are defiantly different towards photography than they were before. I also changed the way I take pictures I take them from different angles now. My favorite project this semester was light graffiti because it was cool what you could make just with light.I’m not really interested in a career in photography.

Bad photo                                                     Good photo

7 days

i’m thankful for friends because it made school tolerable for me.I also enjoy a lot of laughs with them.

I’m thankful for the school soccer team because it let me skip 8th period when we had away games.the coach also let me score in the last home game against Hallie wells.

I’m thankful for the turf because if we didn’t have it we would have to play on the grass  for P.E. I’m especially thankful for it when it was soccer season because if we didn’t have it we would’ve had to play on rough grass.

My dog is a year and a half and we got him last year in December he was my Christmas present .He was a rescue dog from my moms friends adoption agency.

Ms.Philips is my favorite teacher in middle school .She made 7th grade tolerable for that year.She also gives me a lot of food when I go to her class.

Fortnite has been my favorite game over the past few months.If fortnite wasn’t a thing I would be pretty bored because I never get tired of this game.It’s also really fun to play with my friends.

I’m thankful for soccer because with out it I would be really bored. It also opened up a lot of opportunity’s for me and hopefully I can get a scholarship and go d1.