Light Graffiti

For this project we had the put the camera settings at ISO 100 and we put it on bulb mode which left the shutter open as long as you need. We had to point the light at the camera and the camera would then pick up the light. If you point it in the background, the background will show more.. Hard designs were the hardest to show up because we couldn’t see what we were drawing. the most frustrating thing was when the light would n’t be directly pointed at the camera and the picture wouldn’t turn out good.


Pulitzer prize

The photo I chose was Daniel Berehulak on the Ebola outbreak. He took most of his pictures in Monrovia.It was really sad seeing all the people being carried away.

The second picture I chose was the one by Don Bartlelli about the struggles of Immigrating to the US.It was interesting seeing how much they struggle trying to get across the border.I don’t think I could be able to just take pictures I would want to help them.

Another exhibit that I liked was the FBI exhibit because they had the actual evidence from the crime scenes. The best piece was the Uni bomber cabin it was very interesting because it was so small and it was where he made all of his bombs

Rule of 3rds

For this project we had to take pictures on a line within the camera and there intersections.We had to take pictures with people and without people.The hardest thing was making the picture direst your eyes to places.I think rule of thirds is a useful tool when taking pictures.