Then I Asked Them to Smile

November 14, 2018 Smile

The project “Then I Asked Them to Smile” was challenging and tested my social skills. I had to go up to random strangers inside and outside of school and ask them if I could take their picture. Most of the time the interaction between me and the person I was photographing was awkward and weird, but occasionally the person getting there photo taken was exited about it. One thing that was difficult was what the whole project was about, TAKING PICTURES OF STRANGERS! It was uncomfortable and difficult, especially when the person I asked to take a picture of awkwardly said no and looked at the ground! In all the people I photographed, I saw little emotional change from when they didn’t smile and when they smiled. Sometimes I messed up because I thought the person I was photographing wasn’t smiling when they were. That ended weirdly with a “umm I was smiling before.” But then they did a big smile so that was good. If you were bias toward boys or girls then you would probably have more boys or girls in your photos, depending on what  gender you are bias towards. If I were hired and I was told not to take bias photos and to make the photos “fair” I wouldn’t have a particular game play. I would just walk around a city and ask approachable people who are walking past me if I could take a photo of them for a photography project.  I wouldn’t take pictures of them based on age, height, gender, etc. I probably wouldn’t asked them any questions either because that would probably make it weirder than it all ready is between us. All in all, this project was challenging, awkward, and weird. I would not want to do this project again! You can see my photos here.

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  1. Caroline says:

    The Memories AHHH

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