Light Graffiti

October 31, 2018 Uncategorized

Creating light graffiti was challenging but fun. My group and I took our photos in the gym with the lights off, it was hard to see each other. We set the camera up on manual mode so we could make shapes with our flashlights for as long as we wanted to. We took photos of one person all the way to a large group of people. My group members and I stood in front of the camera making shapes with various flashlights of all colors. We stood on the bleachers as well as on the ground for our pictures. Controlling how long to keep the lens open work better than letting the camera open and close by itself. This is because we could make more intricate shapes and squiggles without having to rush. Trying to make shapes with a flashing light didn’t work out well at all, you could hardly make out what it was you were drawing. A frustration I had was working very hard on a shape and it not coming out very well. It is the worst when you go to look at a picture and it looks like you were swinging the light around randomly. To make the photos we took look cooler, we could go outside at night. We could climb on trees and create swings or make it look like we are walking on a tightrope out of light. All in all, this project was frustrating but fun! In the photo below, I am the red stick figure. You can see the rest of my photos here.

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