Then I Asked Them to Smile

For this project I had to find 15 people to photograph for a total of 30 photos. One of the two photos taken of each person would be of them smiling, and the other would be of them with a straight face. One thing I found really difficult was that most people could not keep a straight face when I was taking their photo. Another thing I noticed was that most people did not want to be photographed. It was very easy to get a smiling photo however, as when most people see a camera they instantly smile. Some changes I noticed looking back at the photos was how much more friendly and welcoming they looked when they were smiling compared to when they had a straight face. They also looked more awake smiling. Bias could affect my job as photographer easily. One way bias could affect me is making assumptions of people before I take their photo. When hired, one question I would ask my clients to give me the best chance of taking “fair” photos is “Can you think of a really funny story and tell it to me?” I would ask them this because its very likely they will genuinely smile and laugh, which would give me a great opportunity to get an amazing photo. To see my photos, click here.

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