Light Graffiti

For taking these light graffiti photos we had to follow a set of tedious steps. First, we had to turn off ALL the lights in the gym. Following that, we would adjust the settings on the camera such as shutter speed and ISO. After that we would “draw” with out flashlights. After we “drew” the camera would process all the lights and give us our final photo. I found that the longer the shutter speed, the better. Even though we had to wait longer for the photos to process, it allowed us to have enough time to draw. One thing that didn’t work was over complicated pictures. My group tried to draw a beach scene with a boat, clouds, birds, the sun, and of course water. This proved too difficult and after spending a whole class period trying we gave up. One frustration we had was other groups shining their lights toward us. This would mess up our whole photo and force us to start over. Below are 2 photos our group took, click here to see the rest of our photos. 

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