Portraits With an Infinite Background

For this project, we had to adjust the lighting and person multiple times during the shoot. We also had to adjust the settings on the camera as well so the photo would turn out correct. For the white background, we found that the light had to be shining on the background while for the black background the light must be shining on the person. Also, for the black background the person had to stand farther in front of the backdrop while in the white background you had to stand closer. After adjusting the settings on the camera, like shutter speed, we took the photo. After the photo was uploaded, we took it over to photoshop to adjust the lighting of the person and background. One thing that we found worked was shining the light at an upward angle for both projects. However, one thing that didn’t work was shining the light too close to the person with the black background because that would cause the light to be shown in the photo.  Below is one photo of me and one photo I took. Click here to see the rest of my groups photos. 

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