In this project, I found 15 different people and took 2 pictures from each of them. One picture was a straight face, and the second was when they were smiling. What was difficult about this project was finding people to take pictures of. I am a shy person, so asking random people if they could be a part of my photography project was a challenge, but it paid off. Some changes that I saw were how it seemed like the person’s face lit up when they smiled. It transformed their face when they went from serious to smiling. Bias could affect your job as a photographer because you could judge somebody for what they look like or how they act, and decide not to take their picture, when their smile/picture could be one of the best. When hired, photographers could ask their clients questions about themselves or how they would like people to interpret their pictures, so that the photographer knows how to take the picture and how to make the client look.  What I liked about this project was seeing the difference in people’s faces and attitudes when they smiled compared to when they didn’t. To see the rest of my photos, click here

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