Set in the street

“Set in the street” took a lot of hard work and time. The first step was building the walls. We used wood and thick sheets of paper in order to be able to drill and hammer the piece together. After that we used a purple-gray color and painted the walls. Once all 3 sets of wood were finished we put them all together. Then we used a sofa and a chair from the teachers lounge to make it look more like a living room. After that we used a black framed photo of the school in it and hung it up. We also used a bookshelf from the teachers lounge with different varieties of books in it. After we used an older looking lamp to have some light. The 2 end coffee tables were put together to make it look like 1 table. MAGIC! We then took our places as someone took our photo. Down below is a sample photo of my friends in the set.




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