Scavenger Hunt

Photography was an absolute amazing experience! Taking all different kinds of photos and making them you own was so cool! I definitely will start to take pictures with more detail to really capture the whole photo. I never would have really thought to do that before.  My favorite project was the Light Graffiti project because it was so cool to see all different kinds of light show up from just using a tiny cell phone. The pictures I took looked so good!  I would really like to continue doing photography in High School because it’s very cool and I learned a whole lot from learning about how to simply tilt your phone to automatically make the  picture look good.  This is my favorite photo I took!



This was one of my favorite projects because it shows how different someones smile can change the way you think of a person. I took pictures of people I would never talk to if I hadn’t seen them smile. I think people smiling can totally change the way you think of them in the first place. It’s my job as a photographer to capture the difference between people smiling then not smiling.  Smiling can a make a huge difference in the world. I hope when you look and see all these pictures of people smiling, you will notice the difference! 





Set in the street

“Set in the street” took a lot of hard work and time. The first step was building the walls. We used wood and thick sheets of paper in order to be able to drill and hammer the piece together. After that we used a purple-gray color and painted the walls. Once all 3 sets of wood were finished we put them all together. Then we used a sofa and a chair from the teachers lounge to make it look more like a living room. After that we used a black framed photo of the school in it and hung it up. We also used a bookshelf from the teachers lounge with different varieties of books in it. After we used an older looking lamp to have some light. The 2 end coffee tables were put together to make it look like 1 table. MAGIC! We then took our places as someone took our photo. Down below is a sample photo of my friends in the set.





Image result for no leg pulitzer prize photo

This is a picture of a Boston bombing survivor in physical therapy. It was taken by Josh Haner on May 8, 2013. This picture means a lot to me because I have a lot of family in Boston and an aunt who ran in the race. Luckily, she was okay and ended up being fine. I am a dancer and I need my legs. Knowing that this poor guy who was either supporting or running  in the race, now sadly, he is not able to do the same things as he was. I appreciate a lot more now. 

Image result for defending the barricade by oded balilty

This photo is called Defending the Barricade. It was taken by Oded Bality on February 7, 2007. It’s a photo of a Jewish teenager trying to push back the Israeli security forces . After this the young girl was taken by the hair and  was beaten with a club. It really hurts my heart to see something like this. 

My favorite exhibit was the Berlin Wall exhibit. This picture shows the separation between East and West Germany. It also had the tower that people would shoot and kill people from. I found it very interesting to learn about Germany from the past. It was very cool to see the actual artifacts.

Thankful Post

The first thing I am thankful for is my house. I have lived in my house for 10 years. It is right across from Lakelands Park and right by Lakelands clubhouse. It is close to many shops and restaurants and my bed is also inside my house and it’s very comfy. 

The second thing I am thankful for is my grandpa. Even though he sadly passed away from his long fight of cancer, he never fails to always be in a special spot of my mind. I miss him everyday and I am so thankful for him. 

I am sometimes thankful for my siblings. It really just depends on the day. They are very annoying but I always enjoy playing sports  with them .

2 of my pictures are of my friends. I am sooooo thankful for my friends because I do everything with them. They are always there for me. 

I am very thankful for my cousins because they live in Boston so I don’t get to see them very often. I love getting to spend time with them. 


Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds was a very difficult project to work on because everything, line, and detail had to be exact. It was easy to find a setting outside on the line but doing it inside was very difficult for me to do.  I liked using a variety of places to take me photos. This definitely was not my favorite project but it was a good challenge! Here is one of my photos:

Google album link:

Light Graffiti

I used a Sony camera to take the photos and used a iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 to use a flashlight.  Something that worked very well was lighting up the person while taking the picture because it made the background really dark. Something that was hard to work with was making sure the light didn’t bounce off the wall because then the picture would look bad and be all messed up. Here is an example of what we did:


White Backgrounds

I used Adobe Photoshop to edit my pictures and to make the pictures look more white in the back.  I also used Adobe Firework to add my logo to the photo.  Using the white background helped work out a lot so it was less editing and making it way to white. Something that still doesn’t really work is making it look like there’s no background. Here are some examples of the pictures I took:

Here is my link:


I used a regular camera to take pictures in color of my friends. After I finished taking the pictures, I used Adobe Photoshop to put all the photos taken in black and white and changed different parts to a lighter white, darker white, lighter black, and darker black. Having to use a light worked well because when you put the photos in black and white it wasn’t just all dark it ended up looking a lot better with the light hitting different places. Something that didn’t ended up working very well was my first round of pictures because we didn’t use a good background which is needed if you want your picture to look cleaner and less sloppy.

Here is a picture I took using everything listed above:

Here is a picture Sammi took of me using the same things listed above:

Here is the link to all of the pictures that i edited:

BeFunky Photo Editor Review

I used BeFunky Photo Editing app to add text and new filters to my picture I took. I like this app for many reasons. One reason is it’s free!! It super easy to use and it made my picture look so much better!! Here is my before and after picture of what it looked like!! You should get this app!! 

The top one is after and the bottom one is the before!!!!!