The whole semester was definitely a time killer it’s like we just came back to school yesterday and our “HQ” was in the TV studio room, and not the computer lab. This class was definitely one I looked toward to, because it’s an easy going class. My thoughts before photography was it was boring it’s not really special. Like an old lady sport. Now,  I see why photographers chose their careers.  It’s fun, and you can create art out of photos. When I took photos I just took it to take it if that makes sense. I didn’t really understand why photographers grouped people and moved them. I understood it made it look better, but I just didn’t see the point. It doesn’t take much effort to make it look better using techniques like the rule of thirds. My favorite project was the light graffiti. Everyone else probably favored it too, because of the outcome of the photos and how special it looks. Photography doesn’t interest me in a career because it’s more a skill to me. If there’s a class in high school for photography I might debate taking it depending what other classes they offer.

Even though this photo isn’t the best appealingly it was the behind the scenes the makes it my favorite.

Pro Level: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4yhgMAkAJupOxgJc2


The project “So I asked them to smile” is about showing personality. People usually walk around without a smile, and could seem like they are cold, and mean. However we took 2 pictures of a person, one with them smiling and one not smiling. It’s to show that they can be approachable and be a nice person to talk to. 




What drew me to the Iwo Jima flag raising was the fact was that my grandfather was part of it. However due to further research I found out that this photo is the 2nd flag raising, and that my grandfather was in the first flag raising. The 2nd one became more popular in America, but the first one the more important one during the battle. I don’t feel anything overwhelming, but I feel like I get a glimpse of what my grandfather went through. 


What drew me to the photo was the weakened state of the child. I didn’t understand why that vulture was there until I read the description and I realized that it was stalking the child for food. I was overcame with pity for the child because she was trying to get to a food center, but was being hunted at the same time. I can understand the grief the photographer went through as he saw this happening. 2 months after his photo won the Pulitzer prize he took his life. This really shows what is wrong with the world.

In the 2nd photo I would’ve without a thought carried the child but also keeping some distance and sprint him/her to the food center. Even if I received a disease of it, it would have been different.

2nd Exhibit: 911

The Timeline of 911. Even though I wasn’t alive to witness it (thank god), it gives me a feel or “taste” of what happened that day.  I learned a lot of information about 9/11 including the jumpers which were very sad. It fits into the newseum because reporters and journalist were all over to record the event which is why we  can re witness it in such detail.

Set In The Street

The project was to create a set in this case we made a living room in front of a busy street or place. The goal was to represent that there can be a home in our everyday life. With so much happening we should take a break in the middle. That was the purpose of building the set in the street so people can realize and relax at like they were at home. The set took about a week to make. We used drywall as the wall in the background, and we “stole” the furniture from the teachers lounge. The pictures were taken on arts night where the students come and in and look at the art created that quarter.



7 Days

For the 7 Days project we were assigned to take 7 pictures we are grateful for because “There is so much negative around us, let’s try to think positively.” Which are quoted from the assignment. Here are my 7 pictures that I’m grateful for


  1. The first picture is a picture of my computer setup sort of… I spend a good chunk of my time on the computer just doing anything from video games to programming it’s just there for me to experiment. It’s like my own personal sandbox.
  2. 2nd picture is my piano I mean I haven’t been playing the piano very long maybe about a year, and  I play the piano so maybe I can get good enough and play all popular songs on the piano. I think that’s a cool “party trick”
  3. The third picture are Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard. Don’t mistaken me for a shoe head. I just sell shoes for pocket money. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to be able to sell shoes.
  4. 4th picture is the flag of my culture. I’m take pride that I’m an Asian because though there are some bad stereotypes most of them are positive and I can make people laugh making jokes about them.
  5. In the 5th picture we have Leo who has had my back for the longest time, and I have enough friend who’s been there for me, but I don’t really have a good picture of him just an embarrassing one.
  6. The last picture we have a soccer ball. I really like playing soccer because all of my friends play it. 

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a technique that helps highlight the important part of the pictures. The photo is divided 9 sections and when the lines are perpendicular to each other that is where the eye looks at first. During the project I did not know that my camera had a grid line feature to show me the rule of thirds, so I had to imagine it or guess where it was for a while. Something else that was difficult was just finding the right scene or background. What helped was the freedom to go around and experiment with the pictures. At the beginning of the project I knew that the rule of thirds was a casual technique that wasn’t really needed. Now after taking photos I see how effective it is.


Light Graffiti

Our camera expert Ashley handled all the settings. The ISO was turned down low to not grab as much light, and the shutter speed was opened for 15 seconds so we can draw the design onto the model. And I have no idea what we did with the F-stop. Using phone lights worked really work to make beams or out lines, but in the picture we used Christmas lights and swung it around for the back ground. Using the light sticks did not show up in our earlier photos because they weren’t bright enough. Well if we were to take it to the next level, we would have to go out and buy some colored light bulbs, so it will show up better and be able to make more creative projects. We would also have to extend the shutter speed to attempt to make more complex photos.


White Background

The White background is basically the Black background project, but with a white background. For this project the iso and shutter speed had to be adjusted more frequently depending on each model. Which was a kind of difficult. What was easy though after the adjustments there wasn’t much to do, but take photos.

No one did a photo of me I don’t think,



Black Background

When taking the photos I wanted the “models” to be themselves where modeling. Whatever pose they wanted. What was difficult was trying to make the background black, so we had to mess around with the settings a lot. By we I meant Mr. Fitz. What worked was the black background we used which made it easy to have a black background except for Kenneth’s Picture


Photo App Review

Pixlr:  https://pixlr.com/editor/

This is an online photo editor app. On the site you can either edit a photo or create your own drawing which was what I did. I cool feature is that while you draw you can choose a mode in which how it draws for you. This app is my favorite because their features are unique among other websites.


Fotor: http://www.fotor.com

Is the 2nd online photo editor app. It has very similar features to adobe Photoshop or fireworks. The website is very easy to navigate though it is limited due to them water marking your photo on some features. This website is good for a simple and fast fix to your photos. I recommend though I wouldn’t use it if you have access to other websites or programs. Here’s a before and after.