In the newseum I saw some awesome pictures. But there were two pictures that caught my attention.The first picture was about a guy who lost his 2 legs from the Boston bombing . The year was 2014 and the photographer is Josh Haner. My impression was that I felt like crying because it was really sad.  The second picture is a woman who was hugging a head stone. The title of the picture was Memorial day and the year was 1989 and the photographer is Anthony Suau.My impression of the picture made me really hurt because I can relate to that because I lost an uncle during easter sunday .                             

If I were a photographer It would be really hard to get good angles.because I just learned how to take pictures this year.If I could choose a reward it will be to get a million dollars or just do it for the fame. My favorite exhibit was the NBC interactive newsroom.  I like that because they had a virtual reality about the Berlin wall And I had to take it down.but overall I enjoyed going to the Newseum.    

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