Set in the Street


For this project, We construct a set in the street.It took us 1 week and ½ . here is what we used and did. First we used wood we sanded the wood and cut the wood 4 ft by 8 ft.second we used nails to hold the wood together.I finally used a drill for my very first time.After we drilled in the nails we covered it with drywall mud. Then we had to sand the exes. We used the couches from the teacher lounge.And used books from the media center . We  also got the bookshelf from the media center as well.The camera that I have in my hand is the school’s camera.  At the end I figured that working together is easier than working by was my first time building a wall and doing cool things like this. I Have 1 picture of me but I cropped it.the 2 one is not cropped 


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