This semester has been hard and time consuming but I had a lot to fun learning about the way of photos. My thoughts on photography has changed a lot, from taking bad quick photos to now taking my time to get good pics. The way I take photos has changed in a big way, I take times tasking photos now and I take more pictures with better background and lighting. My favorite project of this quarter has to black background because it was cool how we made pictures with a black background. I will not carry photography into high school, it takes a lot of time and patience and I don’t have that.


Final Project


This project was basically about taking photos while someone of something was in action. The hard thing about this assignment was that the person was moving to fast therefore the photo didn’t come out how I planned. The thing that I did to make sure the photo came out good was that I made things go in action that was easy to capture. Tips,  for this assignment I would do something that creates a lot of action, like a sports event and then capture the best photo.

Getting Closer

This assignment was hard because it was difficult finding stuff to take pictures of. Everything wasn’t colorful and the photo didn’t turn out good. If I had the option to take photos I would take most of my photos of animals, colorful animals and maybe some plants. What I did differently was  took pictures of stuff that wasn’t colorful so it worked better with darker colors.


This project had no difficulties, the kids were very open about taking photos.  The kids smiled and gave me a straight face and the kids looked very different. I could easily tell that you can really see how a kid is feeling just by their face expressions. You can not get the best of photos if someone is being bias because they wouldn’t want to be in it then that can affect the way your photo turns out. I would ask my clients if I could take photo of them in any type of situation.

App Review

My favorite app is  snap chat because I get to share my life with my fellow friends. On this app I have many streaks that grow, my highest streak is 598, this means me and another chatterers  been snapping for that many days straight. I use this app everyday because this is the easiest way to communicate with my friends, and show what I am experiencing in my everyday life. My second favorite app is Instagram because I get to post photos with my friends and family and I can also share what I am doing and what I have done in my life with others.

Light Graffiti

What my group had to do was make sure it was on manual then Mr Fitz helped us with the rest. We first had to make sure that the light was perfectly dimmed so that the photo would turn out how we wanted it to. The challenges that we faced had to be when the background lights would appear therefore the picture did not turn up now we wanted it to. To help better your project make sure there is no unnecessary background lighting and then it should turn out as a good photo.

The photo I used was the “Kenya Mall Massacre” by Tyler Hicker because when I saw this photo it caught my eye and I was interested and read about it.  During this massacre I could see that 3 people laying down behind a counter trying to protect them self from the shooter.


Also the photo from the ” Final Salute ” by Todd Heisler this photo shows

how a army solider that died was getting into a plane by other soldiers.  While above them there were clueless people who didn’t know what was going on.     


This assignment had a lot of challenges from the grind not lining up to the background not being lined up to the photo overall not coming along.  I didn’t really know how the project worked but at the end of the day I ended up completing it. My favorite lines to use were the bottom or top line because I felt as if I had a lot of room   to break the rule of 3rds.


white background

In this project my group and I took photos trying to use a white background. This assignment had a a lot of challenges, like trying try to see into a bright light to having the light being to bright. When we moved the light that seemed to work and therefore we were able to do the assignment. I liked this project a lot.