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For this project, we had to take 15 pairs of photos and each of the 15 has to be a different person. So 2 photos every person. In one of those photos, the person has to smile and on the other, the person cannot smile. The most difficult part of this project is asking strangers to take their picture. This made things hard to find people because most people either reject or they just look intimidating and we are just too scared to take their photos. Every one of those 15 people has a different change. Whether they don’t even change or they just look like a completely different person. Being bias as a photographer can change our way of seeing others. If the photographer saw them in a bad way, he/she is just losing more and more opportunities. As a photographer, you are expected to be fair. In order to take fair photos, you have to ask your client certain questions. Some questions you might ask could be as simple as this, “What do you consider yourself?” or, “What achievement do you consider to be your best. You don’t want to ask questions too personal.

Click here to see the photos.

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