Portraits: White Background

In this project we had to work together to create an infinite background with white backgrounds on manual mode. To take the pictures we had to adjust the camera settings such as, ISO, Shutter Speed, and F-Stop. These settings allowed the camera to take in more light or less light. This would create backgrounds with no shadows and the illusion of an “infinite” background. For the white backgrounds we adjusted the ISO to be around either 3200 or 1600. Then we changed the shutter speed to adjust the light setting of our photos. For most of them we put them at 1/40 or 1/30. To edit our photos we went to Photoshop and changed the light settings even more. If we still had problems we would crop the photo. For this project, taking multiple pictures with different camera settings really made things easier because it gave us many options to choose from. However, if we took photos that were too bright or too dark, we wouldn’t even be able to edit them in Photoshop. This project required us to handle the camera without it being on auto. Below is a picture that I took and a picture of me. You can find my group’s white background photos here.

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