5 Shots

For this project we had to take pictures of multiple different objects from 5 different angles, one of them had to be a person. One of the challenges I had with this project was having different angles, instead of just bringing the camera around the object. On the other hand, it was easy for me to find the objects to take pictures of because we had a choice on the 3 different objects. The hardest thing to take a picture of was my sister. This was the hardest in my opinion because she was suppose to stay in the same place but when she moved I had to start over. I also couldn’t have all the control I wanted when taking the pictures of her. I learned that angles aren’t the same thing as moving your camera, it is tilting and rotating it to get the right photograph. In conclusion I had a lot of fun from this project because of the freedom I had with this assignment and being able to choose are angles and what we took pictures of. 

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