Light Graffiti

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We first positioned the camera to the wall and then shined our light towards the camera to draw whatever we wanted to draw. What worked was how the colors of the pictures turned out. But what didn’t work was the drawings, ,most of the times. What was frustrating was pressing down on the button of the camera and seeing if it actually worked. I think Mr. Fitz should provide some apps so there can be more colors then just your flashlight.

Action shot

During this project I had to take 6 photos of people or objects midway in whatever they were doing. I then had to take a burst of photos of the person or object and the process of them doing it instead of just one part of the process. While the person or object was doing whatever they were during I had to try to get the perfect angle and had to hold down on the button to get the perfect action shot. A tip I would consider is starting at a low angle. I would want to photograph an NBA player about to shoot in the basket.

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Framing Your Subject

In this project I needed to find objects or take pictures of people in some sort of frame. In the rule of thirds we had to use a grid to take the photo and the frame was imaginary. But in this project the frame is shown. My favorite photo is a picture of Gianna inside a circle because I think it represents this project really well because it shows the frame. Some challenges I faced was cropping the image to make it a perfect frame.

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Rule of Thirds

My favorite photo that was taken was the photo of the field. My favorite person photo was the picture of Marelin. What worked was the photos and how they turned out. What didn’t work was trying to center the photos to the grid. At first I was confused on what we had to do for the assignment but now I feel like I have a better understanding. We had to take a picture with a grid and center it to focus on one object.

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Portraits with Infinite Background

For the white backgrounds I had to take the photos and make the brightness more white and clear. For the black background I had to take the photos and makes the brightness dimmer and more mysterious. What worked for the white backgrounds were the pictures and the edits. But what didn’t work was trying to not make the skin of the person pale or white like how the background was. What worked for the black backgrounds was the editing and the positioning of the photos. What didn’t work was the light because it was hard to match it up perfectly.

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5 Shots

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In this assignment, I had to get pictures of 3 different objects but 5 different angels for each. A challenge for this project was trying not to get the same angles and try to find different ones i can shoot. I think the trash can was the most difficult because it looked the same from each new angel I would try to do. This project helped me learn how there can be 1 object but many different perspectives of that one object. My favorite picture was the one of Gianna facing towards the camera straight on.

24 colors

This project was about having 24 different colors and going around the school to find objects that match that color. Some colors were very difficult to find because there were so many different shades and you never knew if that one was the perfect one. But obviously the primary colors like yellow, red blue were easy to find but once you got more into deeper colors it was more challenging. My favorite display was the dark blue one matching with the sweatshirt, and I thought this was very cool because this color perfectly matches a random sweatshirt.

Here are my pictures.