Light Graffiti

In this project, we used lights in the dark to create a cool effect in the picture. On the camera, we set the ISO on low, changed the shutter speed to bulb setting. Also, when we wanted to take a photo we had to hold the picture button down, while someone draws their design. Using our phones for different colors worked, but when we were creating the designs we wanted, it turned out sloppy. Some difficulties included the brightness of the light, usually it would be too bright for the photo or too low for the photo. If I could take this project to the next level, I would set my location in the Grand Canyons at night and I would make a light alien with a space ship so the stars can match the design.

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Lego Stories

This project focuses on taking photos of small figures that fits in your hand (Legos). When you are taking a photo of the small figure you have to make sure the setting is telling a story. I used my close up skills to zoom into the Lego and used rule of thirds to make the picture interesting. When I was working on this project, one challenge I struggled with was keeping the legos still. If I had to take five more photos, I would take a picture of a Lego scuba diving and a Lego riding a horse.

Astronaut is stuck in space and is panicking

Fire girl is contacting other firemen for backup

Skiing in mountains determined to make it down.

Up close

This project is focusing on how to take pictures up close, without the viewer knowing what the object is or taking pictures of a small object making it look big in the picture. It was really easy finding the object but taking a close up picture was the challenge, we had to make sure that the image was on focus. I had no challenges with my camera. If I could I would have token a picture of a butterfly up close.

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The concept of this project is to focus on taking photos of a person in movement. When I was taking my photos, I wanted most of them outside, I used the clouds in some of my photos to capture my action photos. If someone else were to create action photos, I would recommend them to be patient because these shots take time. If I could take an action photo of something else, it would be a cat yawning.

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For this assignment, we had to pick a subject (person or object) to frame to make the photo interesting. The project of framing the subject and the rule of thirds both have a relationship with each other. The rule of thirds has imaginary lines to make the photo have more than one focus, while framing has a physical structure surrounding the focus in the photo. I picked this photo below because the frame is the branches, which surround Marelin as the focus. When I was working on this project it was kind of difficult for me to find the right frame for the photo. Click here to see my photos

Rule of Thirds

When I was completing this assignment, it was kind of hard putting a person in the photo to meet the requirements, but when it came to landscapes it was easy. At first, I thought this project would be pretty easy, but when I started working on the assignment, it got a bit difficult. I learned that the Rule of Thirds can be a helpful technique for photographers but can be difficult to use when trying to take the right shot. When I took the picture of my neighbor’s cat, I put her eyes on the right side of my photo to make her eyes the main focus. Then when I took the picture of Hannah I put her in the edge of the right side of my photo where she is the main focus. But at the time Samantha’s hand was more on the left side of the photo, so the corner of the viewer’s eye can transfer from Hannah to Samantha’s hand and the camera.

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Black Background

When I was doing this assignment, my group had to adjust the ISO on the camera to make it look like an infinite background. We had to make the ISO lower and darker, then when it was time to edit, I used the brightness to make myself look brighter but the background darker. The ISO made a great impact on the photo. But while we were taking the photos it was kinda hard to see our faces.

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White Background

When I was taking my white background photos, we had to set the ISO on a higher sensitivity, but we had to be careful with shadows. We had to make sure it didn’t look like we were taking photos behind a blank piece of paper. It made a difference when we were setting the ISO settings on high and it made the photo better. But the challenge was trying to kill the shadows that interfered with the photos.

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5 Shots

In this assignment, we had to take pictures of five angles but with one object. We had to take a total of fifteen pictures with the three objects we’ve chosen. A challenging part that I faced with this assignment was figuring out the five angles for just one object. My hardest object was the drum sets because the object was in a really tight space and it was hard to take different angels. This project helped me find new angles for different objects. Click here to see my photos