24 colors

¬†For this assignment, we where told to buy a 24 colors box of crayons. Mr. Fitz instructed us to take pictures of objects we found around the school and neighborhood that would match these crayons. I faced a lot of challenges during the making of this project. One challenge I faced was when you wanted to take a picture of a crayon and a object on a wall, you can’t get your finger in the picture. It was really hard to hold the crayon and take a picture and not get your finger in it. Another challenge I faced was how we were suppose to get the crayola sign on the crayon in the picture. In certain positions, it was really hard to make the crayon stay with the crayola sign facing toward the camera. I found matching the objects to the crayons easy. Even though this project wasn’t easy, it was really fun!! Click here to see the rest of my photos here.

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