Light Graffiti

I took the pictures by setting up in a dark room and then kept the camera open while I colored lights in with my phone. Using our phones worked very well but shading people in was a lot harder because it was hard to get the phone in the right position. An idea that would be really cool would be using flares and glow sticks. Here is one of the pictures.

Here are the rest of the pictures.

Lego Photography Mattia Izzi

For this project we had to take pictures of legos in places where you could give them a story. I used skills from the macro photography project because I had to find good angles to make the scenery look good and fit with the lego. The challenging part was coming up with a story for the legos. If I had to take more pictures I’d like to take them, near the beach or at rivers. I’d also photograph them in jungles, mountains and underwater would be cool too.

Hide and Seek
Treasure Hunting
Tour of Duty

Action Photos Mattia Izzi

For this project we had to take pictures of people in the middle of an action. We also had to make a stacked image. I found it best to take pictures of someone in the air because they are obviously not staged and they look pretty cool. For the stacked images it was much more convenient to take bursts of photos instead of manually taking every pic. I’d like to photograph a plane flying by if I could. Here is one of the pictures…

Here are the rest of the photos.

Framing Your Subject

In this project we had to frame our subject in between 2 objects. We had less freedom than with the Rule of Thirds because we had to have it in between things and we couldn’t just take pictures of whatever we wanted. It was hard to find good objects to put our subjects in between but in the end we used a lot of fences and trees. This is my favorite picture because I like the contrast of the colors of the shirt with the ground and the rest of the picture.

Here is the link to the folder with all the images.

Rule of Thirds Mattia Izzi

In this project we had to take pictures using the rule of thirds. I mainly lined the objects on my right line and sometimes on my left line. Taking pictures of people with wide backgrounds behind them worked, and taking pictures of people with walls behind them didn’t look so good. I liked doing the rule of thirds and my thoughts didn’t really change from the beginning of this class. These are my two favorite photos:

Here is a link to the full folder.

Infinite Backgrounds by Mattia Izzi

For this project we had to take pictures in front of white and black backdrops to simulate a void. For the black backgrounds stood in front of the backdrops and put some light in front of us. It didn’t work when we used too much light but it did when we covered up the light a bit. For the white backgrounds we turned up the light sensitivity on the camera but we didn’t use any lights.

This is a photo of me,

This is a photo I took,

Here is a link to the folder.

1 Object, 5 Shots

In this project we had to take 5 different pictures from different sides for 3 objects, one of them had to be a human. A challenge was finding good sides to take the pictures from. The hardest to photograph was a person because it was hard to get a good angle. This project helped me overcome restrictions when it comes to angles. Click here to look at them. This is my favorite image that I took.