During this project we had to take pictures of people in action. In order to take good photos you had to line up the background with the photo. One tip I have For taking good photos is to take a burst and then choose the best one. I would love to photograph golf because that is the sport that I play.

Up Close

During this project it was easy to find objects to take photos of. I tried finding objects that were very colorful. It was challenging to keep objects from becoming blurry. It was also hard to to work the camera because I don’t have VSCO. If I had the time and the camera I would love to take pictures of animals and bugs. This would be really cool. My two favorite photos are below as well as the link the the rest.






In this project it was hard to find people who were OK with me taking pictures of them. Someone who may look scary while not smiling could look very nice and friendly when they are smiling. If I were a photographer I would know not to let bias stop me from taking peoples photos. I would get to know them and be friendly with them instead of just asking for something right away.

App Review

The top picture is the camera roll app. This is my favorite app because I don’t have to upload the picture anywhere and there are a lot of different filters. The second picture is the google photos app on the computer. This is my favorite because there are also a lot of different filters and you can change the transparency and the opacity.

Light Graffiti

In order to keep all the light in we had to leave the shutter open for a long time. You have to move the light around quickly. When we drew on people it worked out well. It was frustrating when the light got crammed into the camera and made a blob. next time I would think more about using colors to take it to the next level. Use this link to see the rest of my photos.