My Logo

I get the photos I need for class from the internet. No I don’t contact the owner of the photo. Yes I give credit to the owner of the photo because it is their photo. Well, since I will have my logo in the corner¬† of my photo they do not need to contact me because the picture they are using will show my logo so everyone who sees my photo that they used, will know it’s mine. My logo is supposed to represent a Polaroid camera, similar to the Instagram logo. The inside part of the logo is a light blue, because blue is my favorite color.The outside and the ring part of my logo will either be black or white depending if it is the dark logo or the light logo. It also says “Lauren’s Photos” in white print with a shadow. The easy part of making a logo is that I could use Adobe Fireworks to make it.It was helpful because I could use the shapes that they had provided. It was hard coming up with an idea for my logo.¬†

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