The first picture I chose was of Babe Ruth in his final game saying goodbye. There were 500,00 fans that came to watch him and say goodbye to him. This picture makes me feel inspired because he inspired so many people that 500,000 people felt the need to go see him. It shows how influential people can be. I think i could take this picture, because even though it would be sad to see the end of his career, it would be a happy moment because of all the success he had.

The second picture I chose was “Ebola ravages in West Africa”. In the picture we can see 2 heavily suited up people carrying a child who is infected. this picture makes me sad because it shows how this disease affected everyone, young, old, and if affected people very greatly. it is also sad how people so young lives could potentially be taken from them. I would be able to take this picture because it is important for others to know how this affected people in West Africa.

My favorite exhibit was the 9/11 exhibit. This was my favorite because as something that is fairly recent that I personally never experienced, it was interesting to learn about. The image below is all of the magazines and newspapers featuring 9/11. I really recommend visiting this exhibit and the Newseum because you can learn so much about major events that have happened all around the world in an interactive way.

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