light graffiti

In this project the this that worked were the picture that said or showed something, and the things that didn’t were the blurry photo’s. The picture’s where taken with a flash light from a phone and if you wanted color you have to download from your phone, the camera button had to be held down to capture the whole photo. Some frustration were putting the light in the right place and not going over the on that you already did and not showing the blood and and not showing yourself. Taking it to the next level would have the rule of thirds.

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Lego Photography

In this project we had to use lego’s for a picture that someone would do in an everyday life. Some skills that i used from the last project was that you had to focus the lego really good so you can see clearly what it is. some challenges were getting a good background and having a good story for the lego and positioning the lego and not making it fall. If i could take 5 more pictures they would be of superheroes capturing the villain.

Lego man taking a hike in the woods.
lego man riding a dirt bike
Firefighter rescuing a cat in the tree

Getting Close

In this project you were supposed to take a picture of an object up close but you weren’t able to zoom in. You were trying to be it look like something you can see the whole object, it was supposed to be part of an object. For this project big objects worked well, what I did was put the camera really close. Sometimes the camera was blurry, but some objects you could tell what it is right away. I would do this sometimes if i did have the equipment but it seems really hard to find the right object.

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Catch the Action

In this project we had to take pictures of an object that’s in mid air or in a position that you can’t actually pose for. What helped me to capture the image was taking multiple picture’s and after to choose which one dose it seem the best. For someone taking these type of picture I would recommend to have a lot of patience to take the pictures. If I could choose a sport to take pictures of is diving because you can take a lot of pictures that you can’t pose for.

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Rule of thirds

In this projects for rule of thirds many things worked and many things didn’t work. Like putting the object that you want to be on the line or intersection of the grid. But putting the object in the center does not work. I thought that the rule of thirds was useless but now at the end I think that it is helpful so that the viewer can see the object first and then the background. I put Sophie on the side of the photo so she can be the first thing you see and then the background. The object in the second photo is my shoes. I want the viewer to look at my shoes first and then the background.

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1 Object, 5 Shots

for this assignment you had to take 5 pictures of 3 objects and in total you have 15 pictures. The one challenge in this assignment was trying to take different angles. The hardest object to take pictures was the Dell computer because it was hard to take it like from the floor. This project help me by looking at all the angles that you can take pictures of and not just normally.

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