Light Graffiti

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I took the photos using my flashlight on my phone. This assignment was easy and simple. The pictures we took were good but we could of done better. We had to take pictures using a flashlight and the room had to be dark so when you take the photo you would see only the light and you basically can make any shape using the flashlight. I think you can use a bigger light and different color bulbs and see what you can make with those different colors and sizes.

Getting Close

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This project was really fun and easy. I loved taking these photos because they looked very beautiful. Some of the pictures didn’t look right so I took different photos. I wanted to take pictures outside and they turned out very pretty. I would like to take photos of a sidewalk or cracks. The camera and other things I used were really easy to use. I had fun doing this project I recommend it to anyone.

Catch The Action

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For this project you have to take picture of someone moving and edit those photos to make one whole photo. I took a multiple picture of my friend running and jump in the the middle. I stacked the photos I took to make a new photo. I wouldn’t recommend taking pictures of hair, or an object because it’s more difficult when you are editing the photo. This project was very difficult but a little fun at the same time.

Rule Of Thirds

In this assignment you have to take photos using the Rule of Thirds Grid. It was hard to find objects and a good background to take a photo. It was easy to go outside and find things but if your inside it made is very difficult for me to find a good object. I thought that the Rule of Thirds were going to be useless in this assignment but they helped a lot to take the photo. I think now that I know how to use the Rule of Thirds it’s useful, and helps the photo very well. I use the left and right lines because they made the photos look nice with the background.

1 Object, 5 Shots

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Basically you have to take 5 photos of one object from 5 different angles. We had to find 3 objects and take 5 photos. What I found challenging was finding different objects and take 5 photos in different angles. Taking the photos wasn’t hard at all. This assignment showed me that you should take many photos of the same object and different angles because they help you find a nice angle that you like.

My 24 Colors

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This assignment was annoying but fun because you had to use 24 crayons and find an object in the same color as the crayon. At first this assignment was fun but it got boring really quickly. One of the challenges I faced was finding the exact same color as the crayon. Posting and editing the pictures were a little hard. Taking the pictures was easy and some of the colors were easy to find. My favorite picture I took was this photo.