Light Graffiti

In this project we had to take pictures in a dark room and turn on a flashlight to make the light appear. We had to have the camera on a specific setting, we had to make the lens a shutter lens. Leaving the shutter lens on for too long didn’t work, leaving it on for a little bit of time did work. Not getting the light that we wanted was very frustrating. I we were able to get more than one person in this picture that would take it to the next level.

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Framing your Subject

for this project we had to incorporate the rule of thirds method we learned. We had to make the surroundings focus on the main image, such as trees had to magnify a person or another tree. This project is similar because we had to have a main focus for the image. This picture is my favorite because it has the best focus of the main image. This project was very interesting because it was challenging but in a good way.

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Rule of Thirds

Having a person or an object in front of no background worked really well. If a person was in front of the wall that didn’t work well. The rule of thirds project helped me realize that there are many different forms of taking pictures. The lines helped position the main focus of the image in a place where the viewers eyes could still wonder behind the main focus.

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I object, 5 shots

I had to take pictures of 2 objects and take 5 different angled photos of each, after completing the 2 objects I had to take a picture of a person, with 5 different angles. A challenge that was presented during this assignment was taking 5 different angled pictures. The person was the hardest to take a picture of. It was the hardest because not everyone was willing to let me take a picture of them. This project helped me realize there are different angles of taking pictures.

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