Catching the Action

In this project I was assigned to take pictures of people and objects moving or in action. What I did was I made my subject or my “model” jump and do some sort of trick. I also made my model throw the ball so I could catch it and take a good image. If you are taking action photos I recommend setting your camera to shutter speed for it to take a variety of photos so you can choose from. If I could take an action photo of a sport it would be soccer because soccer players can do really nice tricks and I can capture and image with the ball moving. click here to see more action images.

Macro Portraits (Legos)

in this project mt partner Mary Conner and I had to take pictures of legos while telling a story. The skills I used for previous projects were getting up close to the subject of the photo. The parts that were challenging were getting the materials for taking the picture. If i had to take 5 more pictures I would take them somewhere in the woods. (Mr.Fitz couldn’t find photos)

Framing your subject

In this project we had to frame our subject with objects or places we could find to take a picture of. Instead of positioning your subject in a rule of thirds area you have to put them on a frame. The challenges I found in this project was finding an interesting thing to frame my subject in. My favorite photo is the picture that has my subject Mary Conner being framed by the fence, it is my favorite because it looks interesting and I think it has a good angle. All my photos are here.

Mary looks like a snack 🙂
My favorite picture of this project.

rule of thirds

For this project we had to take pictures that apply to rule of thirds. One thing I found hard was trying to find an interesting object to take a picture of. The easiest thing for this project is setting the subject of the picture on the grid. I thought that this project didn’t really make sense in the beginning and that you should just take a picture of your subject in the middle of the screen. Now I understand and it makes the picture look very interesting. In order to make the picture apply to rule of thirds you had to put your subject on one of the “lines”.

Portraits with an infinite (black/white) backgrounds

For the infinite background project we had to set the camera to ISO 400. We had to take pictures in a white and in a black background. The hardest thing about taking these photos was the lighting. There was a shadow it would’ve been easier if we were allowed to use photo shop to cover up the shadow but we are not allowed to use it for this project. The thing that did work was finding the right position and poses the “models” should stay in.