For this project we had to take pictures of legos doing an activity while looking human sized. Some skills from past projects are close up angles and action photos. Thinking of things to have the legos do what the only challenging part. If I could i would want to take a picture of the lego doing something at the beach

Light Graffiti

The way we took the picture is it was on a certain setting and it was able to capture the action and streaks of the light. taking the picture worked but getting rid of light in other spots didn’t. Some frustrations were the end photo not coming out as planned. An idea is to give us creative ideas on what we should do.

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With this project, we had to take pictures in front of black and white backgrounds and edit them to make the background look infinite. We used brightness, contrast, etc. It did make the background look infinite but the lighting just looked bad on our faces like it wasn’t good but it’s not really the point of the project.

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