Light Graffiti

My group and I took our pictures in the gym while Mr.Fitz turned all the lights off. What worked was the lighting and brightness was perfect. What didn’t work was when we tried hiding the lights, it was difficult. The biggest frustrations was when you highlight and you didn’t enough. Ideas for taking the project to the next level is doing it during night. Click here to see photos

Getting Close Up!

In this project we had to find an object and take close up pictures. What worked well was the fact the weather was beautiful that day, it made things glow. The challenges were finding the perfect looking objects, it wasn’t difficult everything was laid out, and I had no camera issues. If i could I would take close up pictures of spiders because they are cool. Click here to see photos

Catch The Action

In this project you needed someone moving and you needed to take many pictures. At the end you needed to put all different pictures into one. In the picture, Mr. Fitz took one of me jumping over the bench in a suit to make it look cool. If you want to take a cool picture like this, you need to stay still and let the person posing do all the movement. I would want to take a picture of someone kicking a soccer ball. Click here to see photos

Rule Of Thirds

What worked in the project was i had good looking backgrounds. What didn’t work was the quality of the camera, it was messed up and I didn’t fix it until the end. My opinion on the rule of thirds is it doesn’t work if you don’t have a good camera. The lines are for the focus of the photo, there can be a person on the side but the focus could be on something else. Click here to see my photos

Black Background

My partners and I took photos behind the white background and edited it off of Photoshop. What worked was the fact we had a manual camera and still had decent pictures. What didn’t work was the angles we took our pictures in, it took a while to get the right shot. We also couldn’t get the best lighting, it took a while to get good pictures. Here is a shot of me, and after a shot I took. Click here to see photos.

5 Shots Pd:7

In this project we needed to take 5 shots of two objects and 1 person. The most challenging part in my opinion was trying to find the best objects. The hardest object to photograph was definitely the recycling bin, because at times it would become blurry and I also had to find the best looking angles. The project helped me get better at making other things look better, taking pictures of them. click here to see the photos

24 Crayons Pd:7

click here to see my photos.

The 24 crayons project was a project where you take 24 crayons and match it with a background of the same color. The biggest challenges of the project was finding the backgrounds, most of the school is the same color. When we went outside there was a different variety of colors and it made the project 10 times easier. My favorite was the the one on the fire drill, it is tough.