Action Photos

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In this project, I was required to take photos of motion. I had to photograph a moving object. One of the things that I did to get good results were to move the camera close to the object and focus on it so that it is very sharp, making contrast with the blurry background. The advice I would give to others is to take a slow motion video, and then select the frame that you would like. I would like to photograph water polo because water is very reflective and looks beautiful.

7 days/thankful post

These photos show what I am grateful for. I am grateful for:

-The three dollars that keep me from being classified as “broke.”

-My easy access to an abundance of food (the fridge), in spite of my three-dollar financial state.

-The climate in which I live, which has the perfect balance of cold and warm weather, so that I can drink hot cocoa and eat ice cream without getting too cold or hot.

-The neighborhood I live in, which is close to many of my favorite restaurants (even though I haven’t bought anything for a long time, as I only have three dollars).

-Nature, which is one of the most beautiful things in Maryland, although I rarely go outside because I am a couch potato.

-Electricity, which keeps my refrigerator going.

-My amazing, brilliant, and intelligent girlfriend, who I have grown up with since I was seven years old. Our ship name is Ham (Samantha+Hedy) which I am very grateful for, as I have a great affinity for food.

Pros vs. Joes.

Over this year, I was able to create a portfolio of all my photos. I learned how to recognize colors that compliment each other well. I learned how to create interesting and helpful effects for my photos and how to use a camera to the fullest extent. I improved on findingĀ  good backgrounds, lighting, and angles. I have gone from thinking about photography as just a camera and a person, but as an art form. My favorite project was the light graffiti project because it combined problem solving and art. Although I may not become a professional photographer, I will continue to learn about photography in the future, because it is an interesting and worthwhile skill. My favorite photo is a photo in this pros vs. joes project. It is a photo of a camera in front of trees.


Up Close

In this project, students were required to take pictures of objects using the Macro tool, which allows photographers to take picture of small objects and captures fine details. It was very easy to find subjects for my photographs, but more difficult for me to focus on the object. If I had the time and camera, I would enjoy photographing sea life, such as miniature shells and miniscule hermit crabs.