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During this project we had to find 15 different people and take pictures of them smiling and one not smiling to see how they change and what people thought when they look at both pictures. I had to have 30 pictures in total. This project was a very challenging project and it was really hard. Some of the challenges was to find people who would accept to take a picture. They were not forced to take the picture so they had the ability to say no which made the project so difficult. Some changes that I saw was some people looking aggressive when they didn’t smile and others looking sad and depressed, but when they smile they look like a completely different person. When I was taking the pictures I was scared to ask some people if I could take pictures of them because when I first looked at each person I thought about how they could be just by looking at their faces. Even though I didn’t know them I pictured some ways they could act just because of how they looked. But When they smiled, I was so surprise of how different they looked when they weren’t smiling. When I asked people if I could take pictures of them I didn’t really bother ask them question because I felt like I was already taking up their time and it was awkward so I didn’t want to torture them more by asking questions. You can check out all of my photos here.

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