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Rule Of Third

Here are two of the pictures I took using the rule of third.

On this photo I used the lines on the left. I applied it on the sun to make it come out this way.
For this picture I had the girl sit on those rocks then aligned her with the line on the right. 

Something that worked during this project was using the grid on any camera because you could align the object or person to the lines to make it rule of thirds easily. While something that was hard was finding the perfect angle so that the picture comes out a specific type of way. The lighting was also a big issue because if you didn’t get a good lighting then your picture might not turn out the way you expect it to. At the beginning of the project, I thought it was going to be hard and I didn’t understand how the lines worked or how you could make an object fit on one of the lines. But now I think pictures look better with the rule of thirds applied to it because there is no main focus anywhere causing the audience’s eyes to travel around the picture. You could find the rest of my pictures here.

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