Light Graffiti

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In this project, we had to go in a dark room to capture lights movement and create shapes with different color lights or just normal phone flashlights. We had the ISO turned all the way down so no light was captured and so you could only see the flashlight. My group made sure there was no outside light coming into our camera before we actually took the photos. Some things didn’t work because it was difficult to draw backwards in order to write you name etc. Things that were frustrating were getting everyone to stay in the same place and keeping the light from going in the wrong place. Ideas that I have for taking this project to the next level are adding multiple colors at one and creating a lot more shapes of different sizes.

Lego Pictures

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For this project we had to take a picture of a Lego as if the person taking the picture was a Lego figure. Skills that I used from previous project were that I made the camera focus on one part of the Lego to make sure that you could see it close up, but it was still focused. Parts of this project that challenged me were getting the camera to get super close to make it the perspective of the Lego figure. f I had to take more pictures, I would probably do something with water because it’s cool to take pictures of. If I had to take more pictures, I would probably do something with water because it’s cool to take pictures of.


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In this project we took pictures of objects up close. We had to take the pictures so that people couldn’t recognize the object easily. I found taking pictures of plants easier than taking pictures of other objects. Some of the challenges of this project is finding an object to take pictures of and getting the camera to zoom into the object you want to take a picture of. If I had time and ability to get there, I would take an image of a bird. I’ve always wanted to see one super up close so it would be col to take a picture of it. I want to take a picture of its face to really get up close and see all of the features.


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In this project we had to take pictures of people or things in action. Such as, telling my friends to move or just seeing an object and telling someone to kick it or jump over it. One thing that helped me a ton was having my camera on burst so I could capture everything, so that would be my one major tip of capturing a good photo. I would take a picture of people jumping because it shows them off the ground which is something you can’t easily create. There can be many types of action photos that you can take but it was easiest for me to ask some friends to jump up to catch the perfect photo.

Framing Your Subject

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This project was about using other objects to create some sort of frame to have your subject inside of. For example, trees, curtains etc. This photo is my favorite because Natalie really helped show the framing of the tree around her. I like how she dabbed to make herself different than just standing still. Some challenges I faced while taking these photos with this composition were finding the perfect position to take the photos and clearly show the boarder.

Portraits with an Infinite Background

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When I was taking photos for the white background, the settings had to be way different for when I was taking photos for the black background. During the white background pictures, I had to mess around with the ISO to make the picture and lighting different so you couldn’t see any shadows etc. During the black background pictures, I used the light to create different amounts of light on our faces so it would show up in the picture. Something that didn’t work was adding more light on the black background because it made it too light and you could see the background and on the white background if you were backed up, you could see your shadow. Something that did work was having multiple people in the photo which created a better photo in my opinion.

5 Shots

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This assignment was based off of taking pictures from a different point of view in 5 different shots. A challenge during this project was getting someone or part of the entire object into the picture. Natalie was definitely the hardest to photograph because she kept moving and laughing but overall everything else was fine. This project helped me learn about new ways to take pictures effectively and easily without all of them looking the same. My favorite picture was with Natalie with her thumbs up and she agrees with me on that.

24 Colors

This project was about getting a box of 24 crayons and going around the school to take pictures of colors that matched the crayons. Some challenges of this project were getting the exact same color of the crayon because some of the colors were a different tones and it was hard to match them completely. Some things that were easy for me were the simple colors and going outside to take the more “natural” colors. My favorite picture that I took was of one of the orange crayons because I got the exact color and it was easier to find in my opinion. Here are my pictures.