Light Graffiti

We took our photos by first figuring out what kind of photo we wanted to take, then doing a rough draft of it. If it worked, that was all we did, and if it didn’t we made some changes and tried again. It could be hard to pose the light so that only what you wanted to show would show. If you wanted to take this project to the next level, you could make a stop-motion.

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This was my favorite photo.

You can find the rest of my photos here.

Lego Stories

In this project, we had to take close-up photos of legos. I was able to get photos from a good distance more easily because of the skills I obtained from the previous project. However, in the last project we had less control over the subjects. While I liked being able to position the minifigures, it could be very frustrating trying to position them. If I could take five more pictures, I would do one related to Christmas, related to swimming, one related to boating, one related to reading, and one related to dancing.

Go team!
That awkward moment when you crash your $100,000 car…
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.

Up Close

In this assignment, we had to get close to the object we were photographing and take their picture. I tried to use objects that didn’t show my phone’s shadow. I sometimes struggled in finding them, though. If I had the time, equipment, and ability, I would like to take close-up pictures of flowers.

This is my favorite photo (I can’t add my logo because my Photoshop isn’t working.)

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In this project, we experimented with taking action pictures in different formats. For example, the photo shown below is a stacked photo, while the rest of mine in my google drive are single photos. In order to take a stacked photo, I took bursts to fully capture the individual actions that have to occur for the bigger action to take place. While taking action photos, it is very important that you know exactly what you want in your pictures. I think dance would be a great sport to photograph.

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In this project, we had to take pictures of people with a natural “frame” (like a picture frame) surrounding them. This project was similar to the Rule of Thirds in the sense that both required you to focus on your subject while taking the picture. This composition was sometimes hard, as there aren’t a lot of natural frames in the school.

This is my favorite picture I took. I can’t add my logo because my computer is glitching.

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Rule of Thirds

In order to successfully follow the rule of thirds, I turned the grid on on my phone. When I took pictures without the grid, they often didn’t follow the rule. I feel pretty neutral on the rule of thirds. It generally seems like a good thing, but other times it seems too restricting. I used the grid lines to make sure that my picture had flow.

These are my favorite photos. I can’t add a logo to them because my computer is glitching.

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5 Shots

In this assignment, we had to take 5 pictures of 3 objects, each at a different angle. A challenge during this project was finding things to photograph. Sophia was the hardest thing to photograph because her pose and background had to be heavily discussed. This project helped me explore taking pictures from angles I haven’t before.

This is my favorite photo I took.

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