My first photo was Babe Ruth’s Final Farewell in the year 1948. 50,000 people came to the Yankee stadium to watch and say their final goodbyes to Babe Ruth. I think I could take this picture because I would just have to get a picture of him from the back about to hit. This picture makes me have mixed emotions because it is sad that hes leaving but happy he played out his days. 

My second picture was the Kenya Mall Massacre in the year 2014. The photographer Tyler Hicks got a tip of a shooting and rushed to the mall. He saw crowds fleeing and ran in to take pictures. I dont think I would be able to take this picture because I would not have the guts to run in the mall while a shooting is taking place. This picture makes me upset because many good people lost their lives. 

The 2nd Exhibit I went to was the FBI. I thought it was really cool to see the things the cops do and the secret places they put bombs like in their shoes. I would definitely go there again and would love to see even more.

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