Light Graffiti

To do this project we went to the gym and turned off all of the lights. We used lights on our phone to draw things and then took a picture. The light appeared on the picture. It took it took us a long time to make idea for the project but I feel like our pictures turned out good. Something that didn’t work was using a flashlight to light the picture up a bit. If all the cameras we got you could hold forever. go here to find more photos …

Lego figures

In this project we had to take close up pictures of Legos but with a story. I used my phone for the pictures and I zoom in a little so it would focus of certain things. The hardest part was coming up with good stories. If I could I would take more pictures I would like to do ones like a UFC match but with LEGO’s. go here to find more photos…


In this project, we had to get a picture of people and objects in motion. I used my phone and I took bursts so I could get the right picture. You have to be patient if you want to take action photos. You might not get the picture on the first shot but you will get it eventually. A sport I would like to take photos for would be MMA. Overall, I really enjoyed this project because there were lots of different things you could have done with the project. go here to find the rest of the photos.


During this project, we had to take photos of living and nonliving things. We had to find objects and get really close to them and take pictures. When taking the photos is was challenging to get close enough to the object without making the photo blurry.Overall This was a fun and easy project. It was easy to come up with good ideas for pictures. I would like to get an up close picture of something cool.

go here for rest of the photos 😉


During this project, I took photos of different subjects using different things to frame them. We framed our subjects so that when looking at the picture your eyes go directly to the thing being framed. This is my favorite picture because I took many photos and this is the best one. One challenge I had during this project was finding different frames to take a picture though. Go here to find more…

5 Shots

In this project, we had to take pictures of 3 different objects in 5 different angles and a picture of a person. the different angles is the hardest part of this project because you have to have the right angle or else it will look bad. The hardest object to photograph was the crayons because there was a limited number of angles I could have done. Now I feel like I’m more creative in taking pictures and I can make my photos more interesting. Go here to find more photos…

White Background

This project was lots of fun and some challenges. Some of the challenges that I had doing this project is finding the iso camera settings and light shutter settings. Certain light shutter settings made the picture too light to see and some made it too dark. To not get a shadow on the picture you need the right lighting and shudder speed. go here to find more photos.

Black Background

In this project, we got in groups and took photos. After this, we edited photos and put our logos on the photo that we took. Taking photos was challenging because we needed to put enough light to show the person but not enough to show a shadow and we had to mess with the ISO and the shutter speed. Something that worked was just aiming the light at the persons face. Go here to find more photos

Rule of thirds

for this project, we took photos of random objects or people when taking the picture we had to line up our main object with one of the 4 lines or line intersections on the camera. the main focus can’t be in the middle. what worked was taking pictures in light areas but not too light because it would mess up the picture. what didn’t work was taking a picture in dark areas and areas with too much light. i used the grid for this project and it was really useful it helped to separate the main focus wasn’t in the middle.