World Trade Center Attack taken by  Steve Ludum in 2001:

 What drew me to the photo was that it was taken right after disaster struck in New York. This makes me think about all the people in the building that just experienced what just happened. I fell glad that I didn’t have to experience it first hand like so many others did.

Crisis in Haiti taken by Carol Guzy in 1995:

 What drew me to the photo was the expression on this mans face. He looked frozen while all the chaos is going on around him. I feel like it would be a very difficult job to try and contain  what is happening.

Extra: I don’t think that i would be able to take some of these pictures that these photographers take. It would make me feel to bad that I am just standing by watching all this happen and only being able to take a picture of it. Even though it was my job, i wouldn’t be able to bring myself to take these pictures. The only reward as a photographer that I can think of is getting paid for your work but that still would not be enough for the emotional scarring that comes with it.


2nd Exhibit: The other exhibit I decided to visit was the 9/11 exhibit. The best part of the exhibit was the wall of all the newspapers that were let out the day after the disaster happened. They also had a mangled piece of the twin towers that was salvaged from the wreckage. It almost had its own level because there was so much to put in the exhibit. I liked it because it gave me the information in a new way that I hadn’t heard it before.



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