White Backgrounds

First we set the ISO to 640. We set the F stop to 5 which controls how big the lens gets to let light in.  We changed the shutter speed to 1/20 of a second. This was much easier than the black background because I didn’t have to do as much editing and we could get more pictures taken in less time. These pictures were the exact opposite of the black background portraits.We had to make the shutter speed so more light was let in instead. When we did the black background we had to let in as little light as possible and for this we need as much light as we can.  What worked was the lighting of the background because we didn’t have to be as concerned about it. What was hard was that we had such a big group to take pictures of.

Here’s where you can find the rest of my group: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QKOSHp6RG2Ih1Qq02


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