For each photo– Which photo (use info from capture sheet), find the originals online if possible, feelings for you from photo, what drew you to the photo.

After both photos– If you were taking the image, could you separate your job as a photographer/journalist from being human? Can you identify struggles of being a photojournalist?  What are the rewards if any? I am looking for a thoughtful paragraph, don’t rush this section.

Link to the Pulitzer Prize can be found here.

2nd exhibit:

Name of exhibit, what made you like it, favorite piece or artifact in it, how did it fit into the overall Newseum?  This should be written in a way to convince people to go see this exhibit.


World Trade  Center Attack by Steve Ludum in 2001

 What drew me to the photo was how perfect timing the photo is it capture the fire in the best way and I could not imagine the face of the people in the towers.

Ebola Ravages West Africa By Daniel Berehulak in 2015 What drew me to the photo was the face on the boy that the people are carrying. How he look like he was froze in time . Also people carrying look like he had no emotion. I could no be a photographer.

If I was a photographer I could not bare to take the that I choose. I could not just watch the people that I am taking the photo for I would help or the I would regret it for a long time. I would rather be human and accept what happens then just watch. The struggle of being a photographer is just watch  not helping the people and the thing you have seen though the year. The reward of photograph is you get people to see thing and make some noise about problem they did not know about.

Another exhibit I visited is the “First Dog” the exhibit is about the president  dogs. It fit in a to a little walkway it really fit in because while you walked around the floor it was a little board around it was nice.

Photo from it here 









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