Light Graffiti

I took my pictures by setting the camera up on a tripod, and staying still for a long amount of time while being traced with a flashlight. What worked was turning the light on and off in between tracings, what didn’t work was keeping your light on. Frustrations was getting the perfect tracing, it was hard to trace things such as clouds. A cool idea for this project is to fully trace a person in multiple different colors. Below are my 4 photos as well as my favorite photo with my logo.

Lego photos

In this project we had to take close up pictures of Legos doing something as if they were in their own world. I used lots of skills from different projects to help me take better pictures. I took the pictures from a lot of different angles and focused on one or many objects. What challenged me was thinking of ideas that were realistic for a Lego world. If I could take 5 more pictures, I would take Basketball, football, soccer, watching a movie and playing lacrosse.


Getting Close

In this task we had to take close up pictures of objects, trying to see the little details inside. What worked well was taking close up pictures of flowers and plants, because you could see all the little details. Challenges were finding other things that weren’t flowers. If I had the equipment I would like to photograph an orchid because it has the most detail. Here is the link to my 10 close up photos. Finally, down below is my favorite picture.


In this project we had to take pictures of objects or people in action .Then we had to edit the photos into a stack in Adobe Photoshop. If I were to give anyone tips I would say to find a very appealing or cool object that is easy to focus on, and not have a background that is easy to focus on. If I could I would like to photograph basketballs because that is my favorite sport and it would be fun to photograph. Here is the link to my Action photos.


In this project we had to find places in which we could put objects in the middle of them and make the objects the main focus of the picture. In the rule of thirds we had to put the object in a certain place on the grid of the camera and in this project we had to do it on our own and find out where to angle our camera, and where to put the objects to make them the main focus. Some of the challenges were finding something that I could take a picture through, while having an object to focus on. Here is the link to some of my photos!

Rule of thirds

In this project we had to take pictures with a rule, called the rule of thirds. Personally, I lined my objects up with the right line. What worked was using objects that are small and putting nothing behind them. What didn’t work was having an object but with lots of stuff behind it. At first I thought it was dumb but once I started to take pictures I realized the point. Here is the link to my rule of thirds photos.


We had to stand in front of a huge white paper and take pictures of each other while posing. We then had to download them and edit their brightness, contrast, hue and different colors. What worked was putting up the brightness and lowering the contrast, what didn’t work was switching the color while keeping the background white. This is the link to my white background photos.

5 shots

In this assignment I had to go around the school and take pictures of objects from 5 different angles. A challenge during this project was to find cool objects to take pictures of. The hardest to photograph was the plant because I couldn’t find a 4th angle. It helped me learn to keep an object in the same place while moving the camera angle. Click here to see my photos. Below is my favorite photo of all 15.