Light Graffiti

For this project I had to turn the lights off at my gym. I then got someone to move there phone light in a specific shape as I took and exposure shot. I used 100 ISO for the best results. I had to get a color on my phone. I moved the light around to create shapes. I took an exposure shot and all the light was in the shot. Then, I used a light to highlight the ground. That made the camera be able to see the background as well as the light that I put there. Next time I do a project like this, I will have people throwing and catching a ball.

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Macro Portraits (Playing With Legos)

In this project, I had to take pictures of legos to tell a story. It was hard to think of a good picture that tells a story. I had to see the legos I had and use them to tell a story. If I had to take more pictures, I would take pictures of legos playing football. I used skills from rule of thirds to help with this project.

Little kid watches in aw as he sees a rocket ship begin to lift off while he rides a Ferris wheel.

A pirate looks into the horizon as he is about to set sail and embark on the adventure of his life.

The pirate captain climbs to the top of his ship to escape from attacking pirates.

Up Close

For this project, I had to take pictures of objects from up close. It was hard to get close without making the picture blurry. Eventually I got it to work by getting bigger things so I could be slightly further away. If I could take a close up photo of anything, I would take a picture of a football because I would want to capture the complicated texture.

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Catch The Action

In this project, I had to take a photo of something in action. I took a burst of photos to try to catch it in the perfect moment. I mostly used a football and took a picture of Gray catching it or throwing it. For one of my pictures, I had to add four pictures into one. To do that I had to add four pictures to Photoshop and then cut out the background of all but one. I used a football in most of my photos because that is my favorite sport. Anyone who tries this project should take their photos in burst.

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Rule of Thirds

In this project, I had to put the main part of an image at a third mark so whoever looks at the image will notice that part first. Then, their eyes will scan across the rest of the image after. It was hard to pick what the main part of the image was. It didn’t work to take pictures without a grid because they didn’t show up good. It worked much better when I added a grid. When I started this project, I thought that taking photos in the rule of thirds would not look very good but it did when I saw the actual pictures.

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