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7 Photos (Thankful)

For this assignment we had to take seven photos in black and white of things we are thankful for. I actually ended up posting them on Instagram on thanksgiving and the photos did get a positive reaction. This helped me to see why we were assigned this project. It was evident that the photos were simple but the audience still thought they were very meaningful. Below are my seven photos and an explanation of each. 

I am very thankful for my dog, Shadow. We have had him for nearly four years. He follows me everywhere (hence the name) and can make you smile on the worst of days. I would have liked to get a photo of him without me but there was no way to make him stay still long enough. 
I am very thankful for music. I play the piano and love to sing. I am also trying to learn the ukulele and guitar. Music can be very uplifting and also bring people together. 
I am very grateful for my family and our religion. We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is a big part of our culture and beliefs. I love my family even though they can really get on my nerves sometimes. 
This photo is from Thanksgiving. I am pretty sure that is cheesecake. I don’t actually like cheesecake that much but it is meant to represent all food. I am very thankful for food. 
I am thankful for nature. I love being outdoors (usually when it’s warmer) and I love the leaves changing and falling around this time of year. 
This photo is of a bookcase in our house. It represents my family’s history and culture. In the top right corner the book is called Butter Beans and Leg of Lamb (my grandparent’s favorite foods) and it is about their story and was created by my aunt. The other photo is one of my brother and I when we were younger. The rest of the items represent the beach and art which are two very important things to my family. 
This photo is of someone’s house down the street. I am thankful for shelter and also pictured, the flag, representing USA. I am very thankful to live in a country where we all have an equal opportunity and freedom. 

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