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Newseum Post

The Pulitzer Prize photo that was taken in 1972 by Huynh Cong Ut called “The Terror of War” was a photo taken when planes dropped napalm in South Vietnamese, and shows a naked girl on fire screaming,”Too hot, too hot, please help!” while running in the street. This photo made me feel sad and sorry for the children in the photo. Another Pulitzer Prize photo that was taken in 1948 by Nathaniel Fein called,”Babe Ruth’s Final Farewell.” was a photo taken that shows fans cheering for Babe Ruth as he struggles to stand up while leaning on his bat because he is violently ill. This photo made me upset because babe Ruth was sick and ended up dying 2 months later.

If I was the one who was taking these photos, I would be able to separate myself as a photographer from being a human, this is because I would want to witness the struggle of other people and be in their shoes. The struggles of being a photographer is see all the sad thing and having to take pictures of it so others around the world can see what is going on. I do think there are rewards to this, such as being able to see what other people’s lives are like outside your own.

By favorite 2nd exhibit is the Don Bolles Story. what made me like it and find it interesting was that the man who died was a photographer who had made many enemies along the way. This exhibit fit into the Newseum very well because this reporter sacrificed his life for the new. This exhibit was very interesting because it shows the car with the bomb under the seat that he died in.

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