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Newseum Post

Newseum Post

One of the Pulitzer Prize photos that I was the Starvation In Sudan by Kevin Carter and the other was the Fire Escape Collapse photo by Stanley Forman. The Fire Escape Collapse photo has two little kids being thrown out the window because of the fire.The Starvation In Sudan had a picture of a very skinny little girl who collapsed on her way to a feeding center, with a vulture watching over her. All theses pictures made me sad and it was heartbreaking to see someone go through all that.

If I were a photographer I think I would separate my job as a photographer because it would be sad to leave a person feel the type of pain and I would bad to leave a person like that.

My favorite exhibit was the Civil Rights At 50 I liked it because everything was basically right in front of you.The stools, the table the signs,and etc was all there.It does fit into the overall Newseum because the Newseum has a lot of things about news and history and the Civil Rights movement was a big part of history.It was really interesting to see everything in real life.

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