Light Graffiti

To take our pictures we needed to be in a very dark area with little to no light for the streaks to show. It worked to go over an area several times just in case the light didn’t create a defined enough drawing. It was frustrating when the drawing came out incomplete or unfinished. Using low light didn’t work, we had to turn thee light on our phones all the way up. To take this project to the next level, I recommend using different color light to better paint a picture.

Action Pictures

In this project we had to take pictures of things in motion/action. In order to capture good images I had to hold down the shutter button on my iphone so I could catch things moving without blur. Tips I have for someone else who’s doing the project is to 100% hold down the shutter button. If I could photograph a sport it would be football because that is my favorite sport. Here are my pictures.

1 object, 5 shots.

For “5 shots” I had to take 5 photos at 5 different camera angles of 3 different objects. I took pictures of a mouse, Maansur, and Mimi. I found it challenging to find different camera angles for the pictures. The hardest object to take a picture of was Mimi because she wouldn’t stop moving. This project helped understand how I can use different angles to make my pictures look better in the future. The picture below is my favorite because Maansur looks cool.

click here for photos