The image that I found the most interesting was the 2014 Kenya mall massacre. A mother and her children were hiding behind a counter, during a shooting. I found this interesting because people are so worried about the school shootings in America, and shootings are occurring all over the world. Another image that I found interesting was an earthquake. 2 people were under a building, fixing all the damage. I think it would be extremely difficult to be a photo journalist. I think this because it would be so hard to go take pictures of people and not be able to directly help them. There are rewards of being a photo journalist, for example if you bring awareness to the project. Although photo journalist are very important, I don’t think I would be able to be one.



My favorite exhibit was the FBI section. I liked it because it was very interesting and I learned a lot while in it. It was mostly about terrorism which was sad but good to learn about so I can be more knowledgeable. My favorite object in the exhibit was the bomb that was placed in a shoe. I found this very cool because whoever made these bombs were very smart and creative (but also crazy). The shoe bombs were homemade which is why they were so amazing. Out of all the exhibits, the FBI section was my favorite.

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