Light Graffiti

This project was unique because instead of trying to find a good angle and good lighting to find a great picture, we turned the lights off and made our own lights. Like glow sticks. Our group had a slow start as we had almost no idea how we were supposed to outline ourselves but once we figured it out the rest of the project was easy. All we had to do was hold the picture button on the camera while we outlined someone with the light on our phone. The only thing I wish we had was more time because we spend our entire first day trying to figure out what to do.

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Lego Shots

This project was similar to the macro shots project because we had to have one main focus of our photo, using framing or rule of thirds, and the macro setting on the camera, so everything we have learned this year. The one difference was that we had to take pictures of legos in their own environment, nothing that would be huge to them but normal to us was allowed. Only miniature objects. The one challenge I had during this project was finding a unique but normal sized environment for the lego characters. Every object I wanted to use was too big and didn’t make sense from the character’s perspective, like a fence or a tree. If I had time to take 5 more photos, I would try to find my old super hero legos and recreate scenes from avengers endgame.

Work on the farm.
Florida vacation gone wrong.
The Ominous Abyss

Getting Close

This project was to take a photo of an object or person close up. The project was to make the picture look as if it was photoshoped when it really wasn’t. In this project I found it easiest to take pictures of plants as they didn’t move and you could get multiple other objects in the background. The only thing that I found hard was when I was too close to an object and my camera wouldn’t focus. If I had the time, I would take a picture of an ant, which I tried to do, but couldn’t find one big enough.

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Action Photos

This project was different from the other ones as instead of taking a picture of a still object, I took a picture of things in motion. To capture these fast moving pictures I used the burst mode on my phone. To take action photos you need to find a photo of an object in motion, where you can’t recreate it in a pose. If I could choose a subject to take a picture of it would be swimming because that is a big part of my life and I do it every day.

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Framing Your Subject

In this project I used buildings and objects around the school grounds to frame my subject. This project was like the Rule of Thirds because I had to move my subject to make him the main focus of the picture. My favorite picture was the one shown right below. I think that the bushes created the perfect frame and created a good frame that surrounded my subject. The red bricks also created a very good background covering the whole picture. There was really nothing in this project I found too hard because all I had to basically do was find a frame, and put someone in the middle of it.

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Rule of Thirds

During this project, I found that it was easier to take pictures inside than outside because outside there were more shadows getting in the way of the picture, but I made it work well enough. Since I’m making this post late, I can say that in the next project, the framing project, I mixed framing with the rule of thirds to get a good quality photos. I did this project kind of minimally as I thought the project was straight forward and easy but it was very technical and I could have incorporated different techniques like lightning and shadows into the picture.

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3 Objects, 5 Photos Each

In this project I took five pictures of two people and one object each from different angles. The challenging part of this project was getting different angles for each object. The hand sanitizer was me was the hardest to take a picture of because it was on the table and was hard to get every angle. This project helped me think about where I angle my camera when I take a photo.

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24 Colors

Last week I took a box of 24 crayons and matched it with colors around our school. With so many colors around the school, it should be easy to match the 24 crayons in a crayon box right? It was actually pretty hard. Our school is pretty bland, and the only colors are white and tan. This made it hard to find colors like purple and indigo. The easy part was finding white and tan/apricot, because it was literally everywhere.

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