Light Graffiti

In this project we had to to take our photos in a dark room with little light pollution and change the ISO to the lowest possible setting,then change the shutter speed to bulb mode . In order to take the photos we had to hold the button down as we were drawling with our lights and flashlights. I found it easier to take the photos when everyone in the group was helping, either drawling or taking the photo. I found it challenging to make the light symmetrical while drawling. In the future I would like to take a photo and make it look like fireworks in the sky.

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Playing With Legos

In this project we took photos of Legos to create realistic scenarios as if they were life size humans. I used the rule of thirds to make the viewer focus on the Lego people. The hardest part of this project was setting up the scenes and dealing with the wind while taking the photos. If I had to take some more photos I would want to take some of the Lego people in space or under water.

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Flying Captain America
Rock Climbing Adventure
Ninja In forest

Up Close

In this project we had to take 10 close up pictures of different objects. It worked well when I was able to prop my phone up on something because it made my pictures clearer. It was hard to take photos up close because sometimes the wrong thing would be in focus while what you are trying to capture is blurry. I think it would be cool to photograph an animal eye because they are interesting to look at.

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Catch the Action

In this project we had to take photos of objects and people in motion. I took my photos from lower angles when I took a photo of someone jumping so they look like they are higher. One tip i have is to prop your phone up on something while taking the photo to make sure the person or object is level, it will make editing a lot easier. One sport of would like to get an action photo of is gymnastics because i think it would look cool to see them flipping in the air.

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Framing your Subject

In this project we had to frame 5 subjects with different objects around the school and outside. This project was similar to the rule of thirds project because in both projects we chose one object to focus on. It was hard to find a good frame and to think of creative places to take the photo. The photo of the watch is my favorite because I like how I made the holes in the bench blurry and the watch clear.

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Rule of Thirds

In this project we had to take 8 photos including people and landscapes that followed the rule of thirds. We used the 2 vertical lines and the 2 horizontal lines to line up out photos. For my landscape photo I made the sky take up two thirds of the photo so you focus on the sunset. In my photo of Natalia I lined up her eyes with the two grid lines. I figured out that the photos of the sky looked the best when there is nothing in front of the sky. It was hard to get the objects exactly on the grid lines.

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Infinite background

For this project we had to take pictures of ourselves in front of white and black paper backgrounds. We found out that it worked well if you stood further away from the paper. We also found out that it didn’t work too well when we tried to get more than two people in one photo because it caused to many shadows.

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